Extreme Smallest V-front String

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Extreme Smallest V-front String
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Extreme Smallest V-front String
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New Extreme Smallest String with a curved V-shape front. The front measures 6 cms at front widest part and 10 cms long (2,5" x 4").

Technical data

Garment Care Hand wash with care
Fabric nylon/spandex

Opinions about the product (7)

27 February 2012

Love the TINY g-string :) ! Thanks Jovana :)

22 March 2013

That is a hot little string with an even hotter cock inside!

23 July 2013

There is very little fabric in this one! My package is average, but I'm slim so I have the S/M size. It's designed to stretch to a 34in waist, so while the business part tries hard to contain everything, it's all rather loose, so it all keeps falling out. That might appeal to some people, but I'd like to feel a little more constrained, so I may try to shorten the strings for a bit more grip!

25 March 2015

Just received this item and tried it on. It is really extremely small. Everything is prestented very well. Look Forward to presenting it on the beach.

Roger B.
19 May 2015

Have just received this is hot pink with electric blue edging. It is extremely small, and leaves nothing to the imagination - exactly what I wanted. Thanks for a great suit.

15 March 2016

Tried Jovana for the first time. This string is really tiny and very very sexy. I'm not sure whether it is meant for sun/swim or as underwear but it fails for the latter. Choose between showing your balls or your cock or a bit of both. Very well made suitable for private or nudist beach etc. Love it.

John S.
28 January 2017

Very tiny swimwear. I wear this on Komodo Beach Curacao. All my parts where in it. Love this tiny suit. Wear them on every beach... Nice

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