Shifty Customers

Dear Customers,

Some of you are trying to save on the shipping. This might be because of savings or you might be just shifty. If you live outside United Kingdom, do not choose your shipping to UK - you have to choose carefully where you live, because your package might get lost. 

If you put correct address for billing, and try to be shifty on the shipping address, we will cancel your order, and you can expect your money return in 28 days.

This decision is final. 

Before you buy

Dear Customers,

Before you place an order please read all information about shipping here:

Thank you.

Featured products

4D Micro Thong 4D Micro Thong
Price:: £21.99

 Micro pouch. Very tight and very narrow front opening. It is a micro version of our 4D Thong.

4D Thong 4D Thong
Price:: £21.99

Slim, seam-free back, tight and narrow front opening, which follows the male anatomy more closely.

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